Hi. I am a college graduate (BA in Psychology) totally immersed in geek culture. I like to ramble and rant on just about anything. Hopefully I'll have something more substantial to say in the future. Feel free to ask me about my fandoms. Please enjoy your time here.

What one of my best friends has so say about me: I like how many of your men are tall hobos who take balls to the face.

Secret: It's a multi-fandom blog.

Please join in my fandom revolution

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Comics. Kuroba. Haikyuu. Yowapeda. Movies. Lotsa TV. Manga. Free. Young Justice. Avengers. Walking Dead. Dangan Ronpa. Various Other Nerdy Things.

…I also draw Homestuck. I HAVE MORE OF THESE TO DO. And a John picture that I absolutely butchered. Seriously, it looks horrible. IM SO SORRY SARAH. Anyways, expect more crappy sketches tomorrow. I’m feeling oddly inspired or something. MANDY THERE WILL BE ONE FOR YOU AS WELL. After the crazy hair… I needed a break. 

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