Hi. I am a college graduate (BA in Psychology) totally immersed in geek culture. I like to ramble and rant on just about anything. Hopefully I'll have something more substantial to say in the future. Feel free to ask me about my fandoms. Please enjoy your time here.

What one of my best friends has so say about me: I like how many of your men are tall hobos who take balls to the face.

Secret: It's a multi-fandom blog.

Please join in my fandom revolution

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Comics. Kuroba. Haikyuu. Yowapeda. Movies. Lotsa TV. Manga. Free. Young Justice. Avengers. Walking Dead. Dangan Ronpa. Various Other Nerdy Things.

I just wanted you all to know that I leave for Vacation tomorrow! I’ll be gone for a week and I dunno how good the internet access is yet. I will try to be on when I can, because I always enjoy reading everything you post and say. In case I am unable to, I just wanted to say how much I love each and everyone one of you. 

I am really looking forward to some down time to be anime trash. Like, I really needed it like woah. But even so, if you ever need anything feel free to message me or text me! If you don’t know my number just send me a message.

Take care lovelies, you are all beautiful. Now to try to get some sleep in haha.





#this look like an anime opening
-thought about committing suicide
-had suicidal thoughts
-harmed yourself in any kind of way
-suffer from anxiety
-been depressed
-suffered from an eating disorder
~then just wait a few minutes and check your inbox~



gengar is so stinkin cute, holy shit you guys


just fucking look at this lil meme, goddamn

And you are going to make the BEST Gengar ever.

Message to everyone out there:

You are wonderful, you are important, you are good. If anyone is ever giving you crap, life has you down, or nothing is going right, I am here. Feel free to message me whenever.

Never be afraid to say hello! I hope you are all doing well. You are lovely. Take care of yourselves and be kind to one another. <3


If you live in the United States and you are not currently angry. You should be.

Dear Anon:

My blog is really just fangirl ramblings sprinkled with positive messages, social issues, and love. You are too sweet. I can’t. I am still sitting here holding my face.

Love always,


i want to touch your butt

HAHAHA OKAY LEA. You do it. You do it girl.

Everytime I see your icon on my dash, I get excited because you're one of my favorite blogs :3 *hides face*

AH WHAT? No… ANON WHAT? That’s… really sweet of you. I’m just a BIG NERD who tries to like post about important things but mostly I’m a big nerd. Thank you so much weep.


a girl and her werewolf mom

Go on Anonymous and tell me one thing you’ve been too scared to tell me, but have always wanted to say.

G…Good day, my lord.


G…Good day, my lord.





And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love’s kiss, the spell shall break.

Please live blog all of this.

Your wish is my command. Unfortunately I was only able to watch one episode before I was pulled for a job (EW work and stuff haha).

However for all followers who do not want to be annoyed by me, I will be tagging my posts “Ash watches CCS” thank you!!!

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